Bridging Gaps and Sealing Cracks

Professional Caulking Services to Prevent Leaks and More


Bridging Gaps and Sealing Cracks

Professional Caulking Services to Prevent Leaks and More

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Looking after your exterior windows may not seem like a big concern but years of sun, rain, and snow can and will deteriorate the caulking sealant around your glass and window frames causing water damage to your sealed units, window frames, and interior walls.

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A Big Problem That's Often Overlooked

Calgary Caulking's experienced staff will remove the old caulking and replace it with a 100% all-weather, paintable caulking.
The most important part of the window or frame is the caulking (or in some cases a rubber gasket) up against the glass itself. If this area is cracked or missing it's time to reseal the area as soon as possible. If this is ignored, water damage will occur.

You Can Save Your Windows

Just as you regularly maintain your furnace and roof, your windows will benefit from regular maintenance. Instead of buying expensive window frame replacements try to maintain the ones that you have in your home.

Windows that have moisture in between the panes can have the glass replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire frame. It will save money to regularly inspect the frames to ensure that they are not being damaged by water seeping in due to deterioration of the sealant around your windows.

Have a look at the exterior of your windows. If the caulking has pulled away from the glass or has rotted away then water can seep into the window frame. This is where the damage starts!

It's a fact: 20% of your heating energy costs are going out of the window! Have those leaky, drafty windows resealed... it pays for itself!

Questions & Answers


When inspecting my windows, what should I look for?

Have a look at the exterior of your windows. Can you see a gap between your glass and the frames or between the seal and the frames? This is where the damage starts! Rain and snow hit up against the glass and runs down into the gaps. Over time the water causes moisture between the panes of glass and eventually frame rot. In winter as the water freezes and melts, it causes the gaps to widen, rapidly increasing the problem.
Examine the condition of the interior surfaces around the window. Look for water stains, rot, softened dry-wall, and other indications that moisture has been reaching the inside of the house.

When it rains, water sometimes comes up from underneath the glass and into the house. I have to place towels down to catch the water. What can I do?

Water coming in from under the frames is a problem. If left, it will cause water damage to your window frames and interior walls, which may result in mold. Resealing with caulking is the answer.

We are thinking about painting our house soon. Should the caulking be removed and changed before we paint?

If your house hasn't been painted in about 2 years, then it is a good idea. Have a look at your windows closely. Look for any separation of the caulking from the glass. If there are any gaps between the caulking and the glass then the caulking should be removed and replaced prior to painting.

My windows don't have caulking, instead there seems to be a rubber gasket up against the glass. I've noticed that the rubber has cracked and shrunk in the corners, leaving gaps. What should be done about this?

Different companies use different methods of sealing their windows. Over the years, rubber gaskets have had a problem with cracking and shrinking and should never be painted. Stripping off the old rubber and replacing it with a good quality caulking is the best solution.

Should the caulking on my windows be replaced yearly?

No. You do not have to reseal your windows for at least four to five years. However, south-facing windows should be looked at after two years due to the damage done by UV rays.


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Service & Photos


Looking at the photos above you can see the cracking in the caulking around the window. If this isn't caught in time and resealed, "frame rot" can develop as shown in the photos below.


Frame rot can progress into your walls causing extensive damage and huge repair bills down the road.


Don't let your windows get to this stage as the picture above shows what can happen. Extensive rot and costly repairs.


Before the window was resealed and After the window has been resealed


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